How Your Body’s Systems Work Together
Posted on Mar 22, 2021

Your body is a beautiful, complicated web of systems that work together with efficient intricacy.

Let’s define these systems and dive deeper into how and why they work together, as well as how you can make sure they are functioning to the best of their abilities.

Different Systems Within Your Body


The body is composed of 13 major systems:

1. The Endocrine System

This system acts as the messenger throughout the entire body by the release of hormones.

It works hand in hand with the nervous system for internalized communication and regulation of bodily function.

The endocrine system utilizes your brain, thymus, pancreas, and more to transfer signals throughout the body.

The Endocrine Systems - The Healing Sole

2. The Immune System

This is also called the Lymphatic System. 

This immune system targets and eliminates unknown microbes in the body to keep it safe from viruses and infection.

If an unknown entity enters the body, white blood cells quickly attack the intruder, absorb it, and remove it from the body.

The immune system is also the major player in healing from tissue damage from injury and aging.  

3 & 4. The Cardiovascular & Circulatory Systems

The Cardiovascular System

These systems – comprised of the heart, lymphatic vessels and glands, blood and blood vessels, and lymph – are responsible for circulating blood and lymph throughout the body to maintain homeostasis, or balance.

The cardiovascular system is what allows oxygen to reach each and every cell of your body.

5. The Respiratory System

The respiratory system is composed of the lungs, airways, and blood vessels and functions to carry oxygen throughout the body to the lungs and tissues.

It also excretes waste products such as carbon dioxide.

The Respiratory System

6. The Muscular and Connective Tissue System

This system is made up of muscle fibers and gives the body the ability to move. It also provides the body with strength and stability.

The fascia and connective tissues provide a framework for holding all of us together and allowing us to maintain our function in the face of gravity.

This system is controlled by the nervous system.

The Skeletal System

7. The Skeletal System

All 206 of your adult bones make up the skeletal system, giving the body internal structure and form.

This system provides compression strength and the ability to resist tension that is necessary for motion and work in our environments.

8. The Integumentary System

This system is made up of your skin and hair, or your exterior defense system against outside entities and atmospheres.

This system protects you from hot and cold temperatures, dust, allergens, and more.

Skin is one of the first barriers to viruses and other pathogens and is subject to a lot of oxidative stress.

The Inegumentary System

9. The Nervous System

This is your internalized signaling system made up of your brain, nerves, ganglia, and spinal cord.

The nervous system is responsible for transmitting sensations and commands throughout the body.

The Nervous System

It controls both your conscious and unconscious bodily processes like moving, breathing, and blinking.

The nervous system allows basic electrical signals to be interpreted into our feelings and sensations.  

The Digestive System

10. The Digestive System

The digestive system is composed of organs such as the pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines, and gallbladder that can process food and nutrients that enter the body.

The lining of the digestive system is another primary barrier to pathogens like viruses.  

11. The Urinary System

The Urinary System

This system works directly with the digestive system.

The urinary system (including the kidneys, bladder, and urinary organs) is in charge of excreting waste substances from the body, absorbing nutrients before excretion, and detoxifying our systems.

12. The Reproductive System

The female reproductive system is made up of the uterus and ovaries while the male reproductive system includes the prostate and testis.

This biological system is in charge of sexual reproduction.

The Reproductive System

13. And The Endocannabinoid System

This is the unifying system of all other systems. This is the regulatory system that ensures balance in all other functions of the body.

This is the background code running in your human-computer that allows the software of the other 12 systems to be useful.  

The Human Endocannabinoid System

This is a very simplified look at the body’s internal workings as there are many other organs and processes that come into play – but this is an effective overview to help you grasp just how complex the body is.


Now that we have defined these systems, why are they important, and how do they function together so seamlessly?

Each system relies on the others in order to keep the body healthy and working correctly.

Here are a few examples:

  • The nervous and endocrine systems direct the action and function of the body.

  • The digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems work together to remove waste from the body while also absorbing necessary nutrients and compounds.

  • Your circulatory system carries vital nutrients to the skeletal and muscular systems.

When one of these systems is not functioning properly, you are guaranteed to feel this imbalance throughout the other systems within your body.

Damaged Immune System

If your immune system is left unable to protect the body from outside dangers, your reproductive system and nervous systems are left vulnerable to illness.

If your nervous system is compromised, you may lose sensation or mobility in other areas of the body and have limited control of the muscular system.

Damage or limited function of any one of these systems can result in something as inconsequential as short-lived painful sensations to chronic diseases like heart disease and Chrohn’s disease.

This is why it is essential to protect the body as a whole.

From exercise and diet to daily supplementation, you can help to strengthen and protect your body’s systems from damage.

Well-rounded nutrition, stress reduction, and physical activity can keep your body happy, healthy, and pain-free.

The goal of wellness is to optimize the coordinated function of these systems for your benefit.

We want you to live your best life, and we provide tools and information to do so!


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