Improve Your Balance With These Easy Exercises
Posted on Dec 04, 2020

Sometimes, we need a little help with our balance and coordination to move with ease and confidence. Even if you think your balance is fine, you would likely have trouble doing a tree pose in yoga. Don’t worry, though - most of us do. Let’s look at a few exercises that can help to build strength in your feet and legs to help improve your balance and prevent the risk of falls.


It is essential to strengthening your legs, back, and core with repetitive exercises to improve your balance. You don’t have to be an advanced athlete for these balance exercises, and you can alter them to match your skillset and ability level. You can incorporate these easily into your daily routine!

Bear in mind, balance also uses the visual and auditory systems. If you have problems with these systems, there may be a larger issue that needs professional evaluation.  


At first glance, this can sound like a scary exercise, especially if you aren’t very good at balancing, to begin with – but don’t let this daunt you. We do not recommend standing in the middle of an open room to practice this exercise. Instead, do this exercise during your daily tasks like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes! In other words, start with the assistance of a wall or counter nearby.

When you brush your teeth in the morning and evening, try shifting your weight onto one leg during the duration of your brushing.

You can always reach out and grab the edge of your counter if you feel uneasy. Switch to the other leg in the evening to give it some practice, too!


This is also an excellent exercise for stretching out the tension in the feet and lower legs! It’s always a good idea to stand close to a chair or table so that you can reach for support if you need it.

Start by standing straight with your feet flat on the ground, and then lift onto the balls of your feet. Your heels should not be far off of the ground. Hold this position for as long as you can and then lower yourself back to the ground.

Try doing this at least ten times for as long as you can hold to strengthen your balance muscles.


Imagine an acrobat walking across a sawhorse or a tightrope. This exercise practices the same principles without introducing the same level of risk.

Use a reference to help you walk in a straight line, like the grout lines of a tile floor or a stretch of masking tape.

Keep one foot flat on the ground on top of your line reference, and then move your other foot in front of it, placing your heel right where it butts up against your toes. Repeat this motion, going back and forth with your steps at least 15 times.

Focus on taking heel-to-toe steps that follow the straight line you have laid out ahead of you. Stand straight, keep your hands on your hips as you walk, or extend them out to the side if this improves your balance even more.

When you do this exercise, you might be surprised at how difficult it is. This will make you wonder why this is part of a field sobriety test, too.


Begin by standing tall with your feet planted flat on the ground right beside each other. Keep your hands on your hips, or hold on to a chair or table for support.

Next, lift your knee up as high as you can into a pose resembling a flamingo. Hold this for at least fifteen seconds before lowering your foot to the ground and repeating the motion with your opposite leg. Think of the movie “Karate Kid” while you do this one.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you can, making sure to focus on keeping your core healthy as you go through the motions.

These are great exercises that you can do easily at home every day – but that being said, it is essential to know what is within your limits. If you have severe balance issues, talk to your doctor or physical therapist instead to help you find the best exercises for your ability level. No one wants you to fall!


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