Investing 101: The Healing Sole at Collision in New Orleans
Posted on May 24, 2017
[embed][/embed] Which product will change our world next? That’s the question investors are always seeking to answer and the reason why hundreds of the world’s brightest minds converged on New Orleans for the Collision Conference. Collision is one of the fastest growing tech conferences in the world! Hundreds of companies from converged in the Big Easy, including The Healing Sole, to exhibit their products or unique services. Every start-up at Collision holds the possibility to change how people live and work, but how do investors determine which products are most valuable? The Chicago News chatted with several investors and start-ups to discover the do’s and don’ts of investing. According to Bradley Tusk, the first question a start-up should tackle is whether there is a real need for their idea in the marketplace. Investors need to know if there is an opportunity for success from the very beginning. However, the most important question is “Will your product make the world a better place?” The Chicago News spoke with Natalie Noel, Co-Founder of The Healing Sole, about the flip-flop and the life-changing relief customers are experiencing. The Healing Sole is the first flip-flop built to treat plantar fasciitis and ultimately helps sufferers of heel pain avoid doctor and physiotherapist visits. Our flip-flop was created to provide support, encourage recovery and heal plantar fasciitis pain. We packed the latest version of The Healing Sole with the following six synergistic features:
  • Raised Arch Support: The built-in arch support stabilizes the foot while supporting several muscle groups and reducing stress on your joints. This is specifically designed as low profile.
  • Rocker Bottom Sole: As you walk the rocker bottom sole moves with your weight, reducing stress and tension on the heels. The shoe promotes a less stressful transition from heel strike to push-off.
  • Compressible Inner Heel: The compressible medial heel firmly cushions the heel at the point of plantar fasciitis insertion, where the pain is most severe. This also provides cushions at the spur.
  • Non-compressible Outer Heel: The structural outer heel is non-compressible to prevent the foot from guarding, and guides each step into a normal heel strike.
  • Metatarsal Bar: The metatarsal bar offloads the ball of the foot to reduce pain at the MTP joints, which can help with Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis. In conjunction with rocker, the flexion of MTP joints is limited for rest.
  • Durable Outsole: Our newest feature supports extended use and outdoor wear so that you can enjoy long-term relief. Structural material; specific diameter material in multiple layers allows firm support of foot while limiting overall stress.