Our Best Gifts for Father's Day
Posted on Jun 16, 2022

What To Get Dad?

Let’s face it - Dads aren’t always looking out for themselves. And with my dad, he’s always either working, talking about work, talking about some ache and pain, or making excuses for his diet. Many Dads must also be nearly dragged in to see a doctor.

He considers the sugary cereal he eats every morning healthy because it’s fortified.

But the vitamins in that cereal aren’t worth the trade off that they come with. Because he’s also eating sugar, over-processed grains, and unhealthy fats. (Cereal, by definition, is an ultra-processed food FYI.)

And I’d be willing to bet - your dad has a vice too - maybe it’s cookies, red meat, or chips.

We know that it’s ideal to get those essential vitamins and minerals from our diets, but our diet doesn’t always provide everything we need - and maybe a little more than we need.

All the unhealthy food that our dads eat can lead to oxidative stress. Chronic inflammation is another byproduct of such a lifestyle. The combination then leads to less than optimal aging. Worse, Dad will develop one of the many non-communicable chronic disease known to be linked to inflammation and oxidative stress (DM2, CVD, Cancers, etc.)

It’s normal for the body to produce reactive oxygen species (free radicals) as we break down food, but oxidative stress occurs when there’s too many free radicals for our body to detoxify. This process is even more strained when we consume foods that aren’t healthy or natural for our bodies to break down.

Oxidative stress can lead to fatigue, memory loss or brain fog, muscle and joint pain, wrinkles, gray hair, headaches, and more. Basically, the process of inflammation and then oxidative stress produces small and damaging molecules that attack the cellular structures in your body all day, every day and constantly.

No wonder dad is always tired or talking about pain! Thankfully, Dr. Meredith Warner has a plan that includes Well Theory and The Healing Sole.

Keep Dad Young With The Well Theory

Dr. Warner created several Well Theory supplements aimed at reducing oxidative stress, alleviating chronic pain, and increasing overall wellness.

The CoQ10 gummies are a great option to reduce oxidative stress and to help alleviate muscle pain. CoQ10 is an electron acceptor and a powerful antioxidant that can help to scavenge the free oxygen species we mentioned above.

Inflammation may be one of the most important underlying causes behind chronic pain - both the Joint Health Multi and Tart Cherry Extract work to reduce inflammation naturally, thus alleviating pain in joints and muscles. These supplements are commonly purchased in a bundle for powerful results. Dr. Warner recommends the Joint Health Multi in the mornings and the Tart Cherry in the evenings.

If your dad likes fast, targeted results - he might benefit from any of the Well Theory topical pain solutions. The Pain Relief Cream with PEA includes menthol, turmeric, and essential oils to relieve pain and inflammation quickly.

Keep Dad On His Feet With The Healing Sole

If your dad spent a lifetime in work boots or uncomfortable dress shoes for work - he might experience foot pain from plantar fasciitis or other common conditions. Likewise, he might have foot pain simply from years of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress slowly damaging the structures of his foot.

The Healing Sole is a patented orthopedic flip flop that was designed by Dr. Warner to alleviate foot pain and promote overall foot health.

It features raised arch support in a proprietary lower-profile design, a rocker-bottom sole, a compressible inner heel, non-compressible outer heel, and a raised cluffy wedge big toe lift.

These features will work together to help dad stretch, strengthen, and find relief after a long day on his feet.

Dads don’t ask for a lot, but they deserve it!