Our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on Aug 30, 2019

At The Healing Sole, we get a lot of questions about our flip flops, and we’re here to answer them! Here are five of our most frequently asked questions:


  1. Will The Healing Sole work for me?

    In our clinical study, The Healing Sole had an 80% success rate at providing wearers with relief. We are excited to have had a successful clinical trial and see these numbers grow with our customers. Read just a few of these success stories here on our website.

    If you are interested in sharing your success story with us, we would love to hear it! Simply email us at support@thehealingsole.com with how you found relief with The Healing Sole.

  2. Does The Healing Sole help with more than just plantar fasciitis?

    The Healing Sole was designed to target plantar fasciitis. However, the features of the flip flops have also been shown to relieve pain from heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, and more.

    Please note that The Healing Sole was not specifically designed with these other conditions in mind. However, our patented footwear brings together features including a rocker bottom sole, gently-raised arch support, and a combination compressible and non-compressible heel.

    Together, these features offload stress from the feet, relieve pain, and promote overall foot health. We do advise checking with your personal physician first to ensure that The Healing Sole won’t aggravate any prior injury or condition – then, try them for yourself to see.

  3. Can I wear them all day?

    Before wearing your flip flops all day, it is important to give them time to break in.

    The Healing Sole has a 7-14 day break-in period. During the first 7-14 days that you have your flip flops, we advise breaking them in slowly with just a few hours of wear first thing after waking up and in the evening before bed. This slow introduction to your new footwear gives The Healing Sole the right amount of time to adjust to your individual foot type and walking pattern.

    In addition to limiting the hours of wear during your break-in, Dr. Warner suggests alternating your shoes. Wear The Healing Sole flip flops for the designated morning and evening time, and wear a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes during the afternoon.

    After 7-14 days, your shoes should be broken in and you should be feeling relief. You can then increase your wear time and even wear your flip flops all day.

  4. Is The Healing Sole only available in flip flops?

    At the moment, we only carry flip flops – but we have a variety of other styles and colors in development.

    You asked, and we listened. We are busy at work implementing our pain-fighting technology into new shoe options that we can’t wait to share with you.

    Keep an eye out for a closed-toe shoe and a slingback sandal in the not-so-very-far future!

  5. Why should I choose The Healing Sole for my relief?

    The Healing Sole is a less expensive alternative to costly medical treatments, including surgery, steroid injections, or custom orthotics. With The Healing Sole, relief is as simple as taking the first step in our surgeon-designed flip flops.

    The Healing Sole fits smoothly into your daily routine and acts like physical therapy on the go, allowing you to take control of your recovery. Thousands of men and women with plantar fasciitis have made the switch to The Healing Sole – join them today!


If you are ready to start walking without pain, then it is time to step into The Healing Sole. Try them for yourself with our 30-day guarantee. Order your pair today.