Positive Personal Mantras To Ring In the New Year
Posted on Dec 18, 2020

Ringing in the new year feels a little different this time around. As we close out 2020 and get ready to ring in 2021, we look forward to leaving the hardships of the year behind us as much as possible and exchange them for new, brighter opportunities.

One habit you can put into practice now if you haven’t already is the act of setting personal mantras and positive self-talk. Here are a few tips on how you can put meaningful mantras into your day to carry you into the new year with confidence, positivity, and kindness towards yourself and those around you.


Let’s start by talking about what a mantra is. A mantra is simply a word or sound that is repeated to aid in meditation. In our lives, mantras are also the repeated slogans we hear politicians say. For our purposes, a mantra is a positive phrase to repeat to yourself in a quest for total wellness.

The concept is pretty simple – positive self-talk is part of an active, conscious practice of treating yourself with kindness. When we get into negative spirals, it is easy to allow our minds to snowball all of the negative occurrences of the day into an internalized, all-encompassing dark cloud.

Positive self-talk breaks this habit by turning it around. Instead, replace these thoughts as best you can with happier ones. Now, we aren’t saying this to mask your issues, and we aren’t suggesting that you practice false positivity. Instead, focus on how your mental health plays into your physical health and vice versa. Set your mind on seeking and believing in changing your perspectives, pursuing the higher ground in adverse situations, and cultivating positive relationships with others in your life – yourself included. 

Here are seven personal mantras to focus your thoughts and emotions for a more productive, positive, empowered year:

1. This is a new year with endless opportunities.

One year ends, and another begins. Learn from the past and leave behind what no longer helps you to grow in the new year.

2. I am empowered to set my priorities.

In the sea of overwhelming responsibilities and obstacles, you are allowed to set the order and importance of your priorities.

3. I choose which feelings can take up room in my mind.

You will be hit with feelings of stress and negativity, and it is okay to feel and process them. Remember to let them leave, however, and allow positive emotions to fill those spaces.

4. I allow only healthy relationships to occupy my physical and emotional space.

You do not have to entertain the presence of negative people in your life. Fight for the meaningful relationships in your life, even in the face of adversity and deep struggles – but also know when it is right to walk away from ones that hurt you. Don’t let anyone make you feel like a victim.

5. I embody the healthy practices I want.

Know that your goals for health are not out of reach. Understand that the ability and effort to achieve these goals is within you at all times. Act on them, begin your healthy practices now and move closer and closer each today to an optimal state of physical and emotional wellness.

6. I am moving forward.

Whether you seek better health, a happier work environment, or more enriching relationships, know that you are taking the daily effort to improve yourself, cultivate the things you want, and change the space around you in a positive way.

7. I accept challenges as they come.

Every circumstance – no matter how positive or negative – is an opportunity to grow and learn. Face the tough days with the mindset of acceptance, knowing that there will be lessons learned that make you stronger despite the tension of the moment.

This is not an easy process. Retraining the mind to seek the positive can be difficult, but take small steps to focus on one or more of these mantras each day. Remember that each of these mantras requires action – don’t be complacent with just repeating the words, but take the steps to put them into practice physically. You may be surprised at the effects it can have on both your inner and outer wellbeing!


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