Acupressure: 5 Pressure Points For Better Sleep
Posted on Apr 28, 2021

Tossing and turning, not being able to switch your mind off, or dealing with muscle aches and pains can all contribute to poor sleep.

Yes, there are plenty of items on the market from over-the-counter or prescription narcotics to sleepy time teas, and more – but have you tried targeting pressure points for better sleep?

We’re sharing a few pressure points you can use to activate restfulness.

But first, here are the basics of acupressure for natural relief of insomnia.


Acupressure originates from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The fundamental technique of acupressure is to stimulate various pressure points and trigger points throughout the body for stress relief, rest, and overall wellness.

Certain defined areas of acupressure allow energy to flow along lines of Chi and cause benefits in other areas of the body. This is the theory behind the TCM application of acupressure therapeutics.

Acupressure can be utilized as an alternative therapy to taking prescription medicines or seeking medical aid through surgery or injections for pain. The relief of insomnia is simply another application of this time-honored method.

For example, applying pressure for up to 5 seconds to the center of the wrist (or the palm side of the hand about 1.5-2 inches below the wrist crease) between the two tendons can relieve symptoms of morning sickness or general stomach upset.

This pressure point is called the inner frontier gate.

The traditional beliefs of acupressure are laced in the interconnectivity of the body.

By targeting key areas of the body with pressure, you can send signals via the body’s meridians to your various regulatory systems to trigger healing, pain relief, or restored balance for better wellness.

With this overview of acupressure in mind, let’s focus on how pressure points can promote faster, deeper sleep.


When you are struggling to fall asleep, give these 5 pressure points a try:

1. Taixi (KD3)

Access this pressure point by pressing on the inner portion of the ankle, between the ankle bone and Achilles tendon.

In some individuals, targeting this pressure point has been shown to relieve insomnia and regulate blood pressure levels.

2. An Mian

The An Mian point is located just behind the bony protrusions behind your ears. Use light pressure and gentle, circular movements to activate this pressure point.

Anmian roughly translates to ‘sleep peacefully’.  

The An Mian pressure point is noted for fighting insomnia, anxiety, and heart palpitations.

3. Taiyang

This pressure point is located in the temples. By stimulating this area, you can soothe headaches and stress.

Use your pointer and middle fingers to apply even pressure to your temples in circular motions. Inhale deeply 10 times as your circle the temple.

Next, apply flat, unmoving pressure to the center of the temples for two more inhalations, and release. This area can be quite tender, so be mindful of that.  

4. Shen Men (Heart 7)

When you need mental calm, stress relief, and anxiety reduction, try targeting this pressure point.

Hold out your hand with your palm facing upward and your fingers pressed together. For an easy way to locate this pressure point, trace a line from your pinky finger to just below the wrist.

Apply gentle pressure using your pointer and middle finger. Inhale deeply five times, and then repeat in the same area on your opposite wrist.

5. Tai Chong (LV3)

Press down firmly about two finger widths above the point where the skin of the great toe and second toe meet. Hold for three minutes, and repeat on your other foot.

This pressure point aids in relaxation and anti-anxiety for improved sleep.

Sleep is essential to your full-body wellness. If these pressure points do not provide you with more restful sleep and you continue to experience insomnia or restlessness, consult with your doctor for further help.


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