Product Highlight: Brain Booster Multivitamin
Posted on Feb 04, 2021

Several factors can affect the way we think.

Oxidative stress, emotional stress, air pollution, life changes, and more can cause you to feel disorganized, cloudy, and unable to clearly address problems and responsibilities.

These issues also commonly affect your memory and attention.

Many call this mental feeling ‘brain fog.’  

Luckily, there are many natural ways to help disperse this fog, from exercise to diet.

Put these five methods into practice to lessen brain fog, for example.

You can get the full list in this blog.

When you need daily nutritional support for your brain, supplementation can help to promote optimal brain health and function. This is possible with our newest product from our line of Well Theory products: Our Brain Booster Multivitamin.


If you look through the ingredients of our new Brain Booster Multivitamin Complex from Well Theory, you’ll notice several mushroom extracts on the list.

We have selected some of these specifically due to their adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogens are plants that help us reduce and resist stress of all kinds. These have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and today we too are able to enjoy the benefits of these plants.

Let’s break down the ingredients list to see why this complex is effective for clearing brain fog.

Remember, we always advocate for better health through good sleep, exercise and a good diet.

Supplements are meant to help us achieve wellness but the foundation of health is important too.

Chaga Mushroom Extract

Chaga mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus), are found on birch trees. This fungus is full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, D, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and calcium – just to name a few. Across the globe, extracts of Chaga are used for favorable effects on cardiac function and lipid metabolism.  

These mushrooms are rich in antioxidants that help to lower cholesterol, reduce the signs of aging, protect against inflammation, and promote brain health by fighting oxidative stress.

Animal studies have shown that Chaga could be used as a natural remedy for the purpose of cancer suppression by improving energy metabolism.  

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum), are found in hot climates and utilized in Eastern medicine. This is an extensively studied fungus and is probably a true adaptogen.

In Eastern medicine it is used to promote health and longevity. This is a known remedy for aging.  

These mushrooms have properties that can aid in reducing anxiety and depression levels, making them an all-around fantastic ingredient for boosting your mood.

By limiting the effect of outside stressors, you are left with better focus for your daily tasks.

The active ingredients are thought to be polysaccharides, triterpenes, and peptidoglycans that are found in the fruit body, the mycelium, and the spore.

Reishi is thought to reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the brain and to assist with anti-aging goals.

Lion’s Mane Extract

Lion’s Mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus), also called yamabushitake, are fluffy white mushrooms used in Asian medicine.

Lion’s mane contains hericenones and erinacines, compounds that have been studied for how they help to naturally protect the brain from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

These mushrooms are also full of beta-glucans that are also beneficial to the nervous system.

Lion's mane is still being studied extensively, but is well known to support overall cognitive health.    

These plush-looking mushrooms are antioxidant-rich and help to stimulate the production of nerve growth factors in the brain.

This can help to strengthen your memory and cognition!

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Cordyceps mushrooms (Cordyceps sinensis) are actually a long, skinny fungus used in traditional Chinese Medicine. They typically are found in high mountain regions of China and grow on top of a particular caterpillar’s head.  

This mushroom is utilized for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help to keep your nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems functioning in tip-top shape.

There are powerful bioactive polysaccharides, nucleosides and cyclosporine like metabolites.  

Cordyceps mushrooms also increase blood flow in the body, keeping you energized and your brain stimulated all day long.

This has been studied too for its ability to improve endurance.  


This amino acid protects the body against neurodegenerative diseases.

Daily supplementation can help bolster the body’s defenses against Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions marked by the decline of cognitive function.

Carnitine, of which acetyl-L-carnitine is merely an enzymatically altered version, is important in the burning of fat for energy and to give fuel as a source to the mitochondria.

This amino acid is linked to glucose metabolism. It is useful in weight loss and health maintenance.

It is not clear if acetyl-L-carnitine works better by boosting mitochondrial function or by making more acetyl groups available to produce neurotransmitters.

Regardless, it is known that aging depletes overall carnitine levels.  


L-Tyrosine is another amino acid responsible for producing dopamine, adrenaline, and other essential substances in the human body.

This amino acid can help relieve mental stress and improve memory by fighting off the decline of neurotransmitters in the brain.

L-tyrosine alleviates the effects of stress. It is a precursor to important brain chemicals called catecholamines.

L-Tyrosine will enhance the levels of catecholamines from neurons when they fire above the basal rate due to stress.  


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) comes from a small plant found in India and North Africa, and it is utilized in Indian healing and medicine.

Ashwagandha has natural antioxidant properties that protect the brain, and body as a whole, from free radicals. This has shown positive benefits for memory and attention.

It is often used in Asian and natural medicine as a nervine tonic. It has been studied for its cognition-promoting effects.

Ashwaganda has also been found useful for neurodegenerative disorders.

In ayurvedic medicine, it is part of a preparation used to promote youthful states of physical and mental health and to expand happiness.  

These ingredients are powerhouses in promoting healthy brain function and reducing oxidative stress. If you or a loved one needs a boost, give our newest complex a try today.


We could all use a little extra help in strengthening our mental clarity, especially as we age. Eliminate brain fog while supporting brain health and function with a simple daily multivitamin.

Our Brain Booster Multivitamin is available to order today – order today to help shake away the fog and get back to crystal-clear clarity!