How To Relieve Bunion Pain Without Surgery
Posted on Jan 31, 2020

If you’ve ever noticed a bump on the edge of your foot at the base of your big toe, you may have a bunion. This is a bony protuberance that can occur due to joint defects, arthritis, or wearing tight shoes. Many times, bunions are accompanied by pain and sensitivity, and they can make it hard to find footwear that won’t cause irritation.

How can you better understand the causes and risk factors of bunions, and what treatment options are available to alleviate pain?


Bunions are bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe due to physical trauma, disease, or improper footwear. This bump is caused by a displaced joint of the big toe. Irritation can cause swelling, excess inflamed tissue, and even the development of corns or calluses on the bunion itself.

Age, gait, and walking patterns are just a few of the factors that can increase your risk of bunions. Your working environment or active lifestyle can also make the development of bunions more likely, especially if you are required to spend long periods on your feet.

Bunions can become more painful during physical activity or due to irritation of your footwear. In severe circumstances, the pressure of this angular deformity can cause the large toe to overlap the toe beside it. If you notice a bunion developing, you should seek treatment immediately to prevent its progression.


Some bunions may require surgery, especially if the bunion is large and causes the toes to cross over each other. This surgery is performed by removing excess inflamed tissue from the base of the big toe joint where the bunion lives.

Bunions, though painful, are more of an annoyance than anything else. Surgery is often successful, but not always – so before you seek surgical intervention, first investigate non-operative methods of treatment.

Custom orthotics and supportive, breathable footwear can help to alleviate pain and irritation from the bunion, in addition to pain creams like Dr. Meredith Warner’s Well Theory foot cream  and over-the-counter pain medication.

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