Say No To Hammertoe
Posted on Jan 31, 2020

Hammertoe is a common foot deformity marked by an abnormal bend in the toes. This irregular angle causes the toe to point downward, affecting the fit of your footwear and causing irritation with any surface the toe rubs against.

There are many forms of treatment to alleviate pain and improve the deformity, ranging from at-home treatment to surgical intervention. Know the causes and symptoms of hammertoe to prevent their development, and know your options for correction and pain relief!

What Is Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is most often caused by physical trauma to the foot. This commonly affects the second, third, or fourth toe, causing it to point downward with a sharp, unnatural bend at the middle joint of the toe. Hammertoes can also result from wearing ill-fitting shoes, from an overly tight ligament or tendon, or from excess pressure being placed on the toes due to a bunion.

Due to the crook of the affected toe, the joints can become tight and remain stuck in the bent position. The stiffness of this deformity can be painful, and the position of your toe can cause it to rub against your footwear and become irritated and callused.

How Can You Find Relief?

Surgery is often first visited as a treatment for hammertoe. Arthroplasty can be utilized to straighten the deformed joint by shortening the bone of the affected toe and, as a result, lessening the length of the toe overall.

While this treatment is effective and reliable, there are also a number of non-surgical methods available. Exercises such as simply scrunching a towel with your toes can help to strengthen the muscles of your toes and relieve tension and tightness.

Breathable, reliable shoes can help to alleviate pain and prevent your hammertoe from further developing. As hammertoe can sometimes result due to high arches, you may consider looking for footwear with a raised arch for added support. Toe pads and insoles can also help to relieve pain, correct alignment, and shift the abnormal position of the toes.

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