How Have Shoes Changed Our Feet Over Time? [Infographic]
Posted on Jun 01, 2016

Over the course of thousands of years, the abuse we have put our feet on a daily basis is quite astonishing. During the span of human history the unsupportive shoes that we've worn have changed our feet over time. Even with the advancements of our modern technology, along with the improvements of shoe materials, the shoes we wear still wreak havoc on our feet. Check out this info graphic to see some interesting facts about the history of human shoes and how even today, the damage of flimsy unsupportive shoes can cause serious foot health issues.


So, what can we do about it?

It is surprising to see how shoes over time have changed our feet! From the thinning of our toe bones due to shoe constriction, to modern day high heels that shorten our calves, shoes definitely have had an impact on our bodies. Thankfully with the knowledge and technology of today, we can do better! The best shoe for someone to wear is a sturdy, supportive shoe or sandal that can gently relieve and stretch the muscles and ligaments in the foot. For more insightful information about foot health and amazing tips on living a healthier, happier life, visit the at