Taming Stress Eating With 5 Healthy Habits
Posted on Mar 04, 2020

Stress eating is an easy coping mechanism for negative emotional triggers, but the result of overindulging can leave you feeling worse than before, both physically and emotionally. Curb stress eating with these five healthy habits.

1. Address your stress.

What is the root cause of your stress eating? Try to identify the causes of stress that are leading you to reach for unhealthy foods. When you are tempted to eat, first address if you are hungry or if stress or boredom is actually the culprit.

Find healthy ways to manage stress. Cultivate a calm environment. Practice yoga for physical and mental wellbeing. Use a CBD oil like this one from Well Theory for daily stress management. When tense situations arise, seek one of these healthy practices to help you find balance.

2. Clean out your cabinets.

We all get cravings, and it is okay to indulge in them from time to time – but it is easier to say yes to a less-than-healthy craving when it is easily accessible. Practice some spring cleaning in your kitchen! If you have processed snacks on hand that are in high carbohydrates, calories, or fats, throw them out. Removing the temptation is one of the first steps to breaking an unhealthy habit.

3. Stock up on healthy snacks.

Instead of junk food, keep healthier snacking options available. Light mozzarella string cheese, almonds, sliced cucumbers, grapes, and cherry tomatoes are easy snacks to curb your sweet, salty, crunchy cravings.

Portion your snacks beforehand for easy access and guilt-free snacking!

4. Express your feelings.

Talk it out! Support from others can help you to put the cycle of stress eating to rest. Not only can accountable contacts keep you from engaging in a snacking binge, but they can help to alleviate the stress that is pushing you to act on your desires.

In addition to talking to friends or family, keeping a food journal can increase personal accountability and help you to process the stressful feelings that may be encouraging unhealthy habits.

5. Replace the habit.

When you are tempted to stress eat, try filling the time with a different activity. Go for a walk, exercise, reach for a book or hobby, or call the people you have chosen for your support group. Remove yourself from the stressful situation and create a new happier, healthier, guilt-free habit.

It’s easy to form a routine, but breaking it can be much harder. Stress eating can affect your weight, your mood, and can even increase chronic pain and inflammation. Put these healthy practices in place to help you curb the pattern of mindless snacking.

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