The Best 8-Week Running Plan for Dr. Warner's Half-Marathon
Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Dr. Meredith Warner, Creator of The Healing Sole Flip Flop, decided to train for a half marathon as a part of The Louisiana Marathon, to be held on January 15, 2017. When initially starting her training journey, her biggest concern was the physical and mental challenge of being able to train in a relatively short amount of time. After searching for various training programs that she felt would fit her needs, she decided that the 8-Week Intermediate Plan provided by Woman's Running Magazine would be the best option for her. This program is designed for runners who are planning to run a half-marathon that is 8 weeks away. It is important to note when evaluating this program for yourself, you must be fit enough to run 5 miles comfortably.

Dr. Warner saw an opportunity to push herself to succeed at something that is  challenging. She also realized the importance of staying physically fit and how it can have a wonderfully positive impact on her life. She hopes that sharing her experience with people will inspire them to become more active in their daily lives too. We are all rooting for you Dr. Warner!

We are all rooting for you Dr. Warner!