The Purpose of Compression Socks
Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Compression socks are used to combat a variety of ailments in people of all ages. You have probably seen them worn by a variety of athletes and, of course, the older generation. While you are probably aware of what compression socks look like, you may still be curious about what these socks do.

Improve Blood Flow

Compression socks assist your body in promoting healthy blood flow to your feet and legs. The socks squeeze the leg tissues and veins to support your body in pumping the blood against gravity and back into your heart to be re-oxygenated and begin its cycle through your body again. They are particularly helpful and popular for individuals that have varicose or spider veins.

Reduce Swelling

Excess fluid in your legs and feet can be treated with compression socks. They help reduce the buildup of unwanted fluids in the cell tissues of your legs and feet that cause swelling. The use of compression socks promotes fluid reduction by squeezing the legs tight enough to discourage the buildup of any extra fluids.

Support Your Plantar Fascia

Compression socks also support the muscles in your foot, especially the plantar fascia. Compression socks are often explicitly designed with specific ailments in mind. Those made for plantar fasciitis targets the areas of your foot that need more support by having a higher level of compression. Many plantar fasciitis sufferers will wear compression socks instead of night splint boots for more comfort with the added support. Compression socks can be comfortably worn under regular socks and with shoes for extended periods of time for relief from the many ailments they help your body combat.