How These Ingredients Can Boost Your Immunity
Posted on Oct 15, 2021

At Well Theory, we offer a variety of supplements to help you achieve your health goals. We offer products to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, soothe anxiety, and much more.

Our main goal is to help you take charge of your wellness and achieve the health goals you’ve always dreamed of naturally. We also hope that you may improve your personal wellness in the comfort of your own home.

In order to achieve these goals, it is our belief that we should help you reduce your oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. This is because our founder, Dr. Meredith Warner, believes strongly that the root cause of most of our health problems is the combination of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Today, we’re looking at some of the ingredients in our products, and talking about how they can help boost immune health!


Many of us are lacking essential nutrients from our diets. And many of these crucial vitamins + minerals can only be obtained from a well-rounded diet. That is, our bodies are unable to produce them internally and must receive them from external sources.

It’s always a good idea to supplement a few of the most important vitamins, especially during flu season, to protect your body from invaders. Although a good diet is considered the best way to obtain essential nutrition, sometimes this is just not possible and supplementation is needed.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has powerful immune-boosting and antioxidant benefits. A study out of rural China showed that high dietary intakes of vitamin C are associated with improved general lung function - which can help bolster you from respiratory illnesses. Vitamin C is also integral to the function of the innate immune system - this is your first line of defense against respiratory pathogens

Vitamin D

While some foods are fortified with Vitamin D, few foods naturally contain high levels of it. For most people, the best way to get the right amount of vitamin D, is through supplementation. A randomized controlled trial of Japanese school children tested whether or not taking daily vitamin D supplements would prevent seasonal flu. The study found that those given vitamin D supplements instead of placebo pills had fewer occurrences of flu-like symptoms.

Remember, sun exposure alone will not produce enough active Vitamin D unless you also have adequate dietary intake of the precursor molecules. This is why supplementing with Vitamin D3 is so effective, it can augment reduced dietary intake and reduced sun exposure.


When your body is suffering from oxidative stress, you may feel tired, have headaches, you may also be suffering from brain fog – and your immune health can suffer too. Taking a highly-antioxidant supplement helps reduce this strain on your immune system, freeing it up to ward off disease and illness.

Antioxidants help to neutralize the oxidative stress produced during the time your white blood cells are fighting off pathogens. This allows for better function of that immune system.


Quercetin, found in nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, is a flavonoid that fights inflammation, blood pressure imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Quercetin has potential benefits to improve disease resistance via antiviral, antioxidant, and antiinflammatory properties. It is known to reduce platelet aggregation, inhibit lipid peroxidation (oxidative stress), improve capillary permeability and to also promote mitochondrial health.

Quercetin is a flavonol. This phytochemical is found in apples, broccoli, onions, tea, tomatoes and capers. Organically grown tomatoes have almost 80% more quercetin than others.

Quercetin is thought to have the ability to reduce the inflammasome directly responsible for the cytokine storm seen with some types of infection. Quercetin is also known to reduce the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. It stimulates the immune system and reduces the release of histamines.


There are even powerful immune-enhancing supplements in your spice cabinet and local health food store! These botanical or herbal supplements have surprising health benefits and can help boost your immunity naturally, without harsh side effects.

Garlic Powder

Fresh garlic (allium sativum) contains a compound called allicin. This compound, among others within garlic, has been shown to boost the reactiveness of white blood cells within the body as they encounter viruses, such as the flu or common cold.

Pine bark (pinus pinaster)

Pine Bark Extract is antioxidant-rich and works within the body to strengthen the immune system, blocking oxidative damage, viruses, inflammation, and even cognitive issues.

Echinacea (echinacea purpurea)

Echinacea Purpurea , or the purple coneflower, is a natural inflammation-reducer found in a flowering plant. Research has shown that when taken as a supplement, it can increase the number of white blood cells - which fight infections. Echinacea is able to stimulate the innate immune response managed by macrophages and natural killer cells.


Dr. Meredith Warner’s Immune Boost Multi is the perfect addition to your wellness routine.

This multi is designed to deliver clinical doses of vitamins D3, C, and a powerful antioxidant boost with 500mg of quercetin. This multi contains higher doses than most available immunity supplements, with herbal ingredients conveniently added to the formulation for unmatched wellness support.