Thinking About Skipping Your Next Check-up? Here's Why You Shouldn't
Posted on Jun 26, 2015
It’s easy to skip a regular medical checkup. There’s always the excuse that “you’re too busy this week but next week will work!” or “I feel fine, I’ll wait until I’m sick.” Did you know that the most common fatal illnesses are cardiovascular disease and cancer? You’re only chance of survival depends largely on prevention and early detection, or in other words, don’t skip your regular checkups. While genetics are a risk for some people, you never know what could lie on the road ahead. One in 10 cancers is diagnosed in people ages 25-40. Both men and women are at a greater risk for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes after 30. By age 40, there is an increased risk of cancer in men and women. Need I say more? The writers at have created a wonderful, helpful cheat sheet that tells you the common diseases developed at certain ages and what tests should be done regularly for prevention, whether you’re 20 or 75. It’s a foolproof way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and peace of mind from youth to the golden years. Get health and fitness tips at, one of the best health blogs online.