Tips & Tricks To Keep Foot Pain Away
Posted on Nov 02, 2020

Sometimes it seems like you just can’t get rid of foot pain. Don’t get stuck in a never-ending nightmare of aches and pains.

Instead, follow these simple tips to possibly find relief and relaxation that lasts.  


You don’t always need expensive or draining methods of pain relief. These tips can be done right at home for quick relief that might even feel like self-care.

1. Massage Your Feet

Massage is a key method of finding relief from pain and sensitivity by working out tension and tightness.

Vary your patterns and pressure to target discomfort in your muscle fibers for deep tension release and long-lasting relief.

2. Stretch!

This is a simple solution that you can do at any time of day!

Elongate the muscles of your toes, feet, and lower legs by stretching out your toes and scrunching them or by rocking up onto your toes and back onto your heels.

Not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry.

We’ve laid out five stretches that you can easily incorporate into your day for heel pain relief.

3. Enjoy a Foot Soak

Sometimes, relaxing in a hot bath can do wonders for stress and sore muscles.

You can take this same concept and apply it to your feet for an at-home spa experience!

Let the warm waters soothe tension, and add in Epsom salts and/or essential oils for added benefits.

4. Give Yourself a Pedicure

This may sound silly, but a pedicure can do more for your foot pain than you might initially think.

Calluses, ingrown toenails, and long nails can lead to irritation and inflammation, so it is important to take care of your feet even on a surface level.

Follow up a hot foot soak with some gentle massage, and gently buff the skin of the feet with a pumice stone to remove any dead, dry skin or calluses.

Finish everything off by filing and shaping your nails to keep irritation from your shoes and socks at bay.

5. Use a Pain Relief Cream

Topical pain relief creams are another great option to help get rid of foot pain quickly.

Look for natural, powerful ingredients that sink quickly into the skin to erase discomfort.

Our Pain Relief Foot Cream is a fantastic option for pain relief at any time of day.

Simply apply a thin layer to the area of sensitivity, and feel the ingredients get to work so that you don’t miss a second due to foot pain.


We’ve saved our best tip for last -

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