How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis at Home
Posted on Feb 05, 2018

Plantar fasciitis treatment starts at home! We’ve shared some of our favorite and most effective at home treatments for plantar fasciitis below.


Stretch the Plantar Fascia

Stretching is one of the easiest ways to quickly treat plantar fasciitis pain at home. Strained, taut muscles in your feet or calves agitate the plantar fascia. A simple stretch will help improve flexibility and strength, over time reducing instances of inflammation. The best thing about this treatment is that it’s free and can be performed at any moment! Check out a few of Dr. Warner’s favorite stretches for plantar fasciitis relief.



Plantar fasciitis is essentially a medical term for describing inflammation in the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia acts as the bridge connecting the heel of your foot to the ball, when inflamed you’ll feel the symptoms commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. Try icing your heel for ten to 20 minutes when you’re experiencing foot pain. The ice will help reduce inflammation and reduce blood flow to the area. Never apply ice directly to your skin and allow your feet to warm up before applying ice each cycle.


Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is one of the simplest ways to loosen the plantar fascia and reduce pain. The fascia is a band of connective tissue running along the bottom of your feet that support your arch as you walk. Foam rolling offers some of the same benefits as an extensive massage, minus the hefty price tag. Foam rollers stretch the tissue and reach deep into those hard to reach areas, breaking down soft tissue and scar tissue. As you foam roll, you’ll use your body weight to determine the strength of the massage. For a more intense experience, try using a golf ball, lacrosse ball or tennis ball.


The Healing Sole

Sliding your feet into The Healing Sole first thing in the morning encourages healing and recovery. With your first step, the raised toe lift slightly elevates the big toe and gently stretches the plantar fascia. As your foot pushes off, the rocker bottom sole sways to reduce tension. When your foot meets the ground again, the compressible heel and raised arch absorb the weight of the body. Soft neoprene straps help to hold your foot in place as you move. We equipped the latest version of The Healing Sole with a durable outsole. Now our flip-flops last even longer and can support extended outdoor wear!