What Happened To NMN?
Posted on Dec 07, 2016

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our NMN supplement. Currently, our NMN supplement is exclusively available on our sister website www.thewelltheory.com.  

Why Was NMN Removed From The Healing Sole?

NMN supplements are currently under fire by the FDA as it is under investigation to possibly become a new pharmaceutical drug in the USA. This is in opposition to the FDA’s previous acceptance of NMN as a dietary supplement. If approved to become a new pharmaceutical drug, prescriptions would be required to obtain NMN from pharmacies. 

At this time, it does not seem like the FDA is enforcing these decisions. A very similar case occurred with the ingredient NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). The FDA does not approve of its use as a supplement as it has been categorized as a pharmaceutical drug; however, they have only ever enforced this with one company so it is still widely available on the consumer market.

Across multiple levels of the healthcare sphere, medical practitioners and retailers are equally upset and frustrated with the FDA’s decisions on NMN’s supplement status.

Exclusively Available At Well Theory

At Well Theory, we will continue to provide NMN supplements to our customers as long as we are able to. Due to this controversy, there are retail sites and payment processing companies that are not allowing sales of NMN on their platforms similar to the sale of CBD products.

Like Well Theory’s CBD products, our NMN supplements are now exclusively available on Well Theory’s website.

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