Why Dr. Meredith Warner Designed Our Nervous System Multi
Posted on May 06, 2021

Hi, I’m Dr. Meredith Warner, the inventor of The Healing Sole and Well Theory I am a practicing orthopedic surgeon.

During my years of education, surgical training, and the practice of medicine I have driven myself to be the best physician possible. This has meant, for me, constant education and learning.

I have been on and will remain on a continuous improvement quest that involves deep learning.

During this quest, I realized that what I was taught in medical school and what is commonly taught to surgeons is not necessarily the best medicine to make people as healthy as they could be. I have realized that natural healing and natural medicine actually hold the most promise for total health and wellness and for optimal aging.


Many of the problems and diseases that we treat in medicine and surgery are a direct result of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

Mitochondrial damage and death is probably the source of all lifestyle diseases, including osteoarthritis; mitochondrial damage is a direct result of that oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

I have learned that there are things we can do to prevent and reduce this ongoing damage to our bodies and brains.

The promise that is held in good nutrition, healthy lifestyles and in providing a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory environment for your body and brain is limitless in my opinion.

All of the products, education, advice and recommendations from me are from a foundational belief in the ability to combat the ongoing damage of oxidative stress and inflammation to our bodies and brains.

I believe we can manage and control most pain, many physical limitations and neurodegeneration with proper nutrition, lifestyle and the appropriate groups of antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories.


I developed this nervous system multi to combat the ongoing damage to the nervous system. In my practice, I see and treat many people in chronic pain.

A lot of these patients have neuropathy. Neuropathy is internal damage to a nerve and/or the nervous system that causes an ongoing sensation of pain.

My deep understanding of pain, chronic pain, and the functionality of the nervous system and its importance to support systems have allowed me the ability to produce this product. This product does not exist anywhere else.

There are no good prescription medications for neuropathic pain and chronic pain on the market. There is no cure for arthritis.

We have all seen and still see on a daily basis the epic failure of medicine to understand and treat pain; we have only created an opioid crisis.


Most medications prescribed for neuropathic pain are off-label uses of other medications. For example, gabapentin is often used for nerve-based pain and it is technically an anti-convulsant. All nerve pain pills have significant side effects; these range from weight gain to fogginess, to sleepiness to nightmares.

I have struggled for years to find a good medication for neuropathic pain because there isn’t one and to date, there is no cure for the condition. This has led me to develop this particular formulation.

It is my belief that the basic science on these ingredients and the clinical studies are strong and demonstrate the efficacy of the ingredients.

In addition, these nutraceuticals are safe; to date, there has been no documented death from natural medications but thousands die every year from prescription medications; this is especially true of psychoactive medications like opioids.

I believe there is a natural way to manage and handle most orthopedic and neural problems and pain. This nervous system multi does just that.

It is designed to protect the brain and the nervous system from the massive onslaught of reactive oxygen species, toxins, and chronic inflammation to which we subject them on a daily basis.

I want to age optimally and in a way that allows me to function at a high level no matter how old I become. I want the same for each and every one of my patients and for the community at large. This is just another way I hope to achieve this goal.

Dr. Warner’s new Nervous System Multi from Well Theory is your go-to supplement for foot neuropathy relief. In addition, as it naturally supports your entire nervous system health, you’ll see improvement in cognition, brain function, and more.