Why Morning Cardio Is the Best Cardio
Posted on Mar 12, 2020

What time of day is the best time to get a workout in? While it is important to exercise at some point during your schedule, physical activity can be the most effective just after waking up. From elevating your mood to encouraging better choices during the rest of your day, consider working out first thing in the morning to really rise and shine.


Think of a morning workout like breakfast. When you wake up and exercise, you kick your metabolism into gear. Not only will you burn calories first thing in the morning, but you will also build energy to fuel you throughout your day. Exercise helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system, lower your blood pressure, and build your stamina for a more active, productive day.


Endorphins are released in your brain as you exercise. These endorphins help to fight anxiety and stress, and they provide you with an overall elevated mood. Those who exercise first thing in the morning experience these mood-boosting benefits throughout the day.


Starting your day off with healthy choices, like working out for at least 30 minutes, can influence your decisions throughout the rest of your day. Beginning your morning with physical activity may help you reach for a balanced meal over-processed snacks, pay more attention to hydration during the day, and go to bed early to begin the following day more well-rested.


While some say it takes 21 days to form a habit, this varies from person to person. Start building up healthy habits now.

Exercise is an important facet of a healthy lifestyle. While we may not all be early birds, consider beginning your day with physical activity. Yoga, a brisk morning walk, or a vigorous workout can help to get your system running and fuel you for the rest of your day!

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