Why People Are Switching To The Healing Sole
Posted on Aug 23, 2019

There are many options that you can seek to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain, but most are costly, invasive, and cannot guarantee lasting relief. This is where The Healing Sole comes in.

Why are so many are choosing The Healing Sole over surgery and injections for their relief?


What Is The Healing Sole?

You may look at The Healing Sole and wonder how a flip flop can relieve your plantar fasciitis pain – but The Healing Sole is so much more than your standard flip flop.

The Healing Sole is a patented, surgeon-designed device developed by Dr. Meredith Warner. Dr. Warner is an orthopedic surgeon and United States Air Force Veteran. Her private practice, Warner Orthopedics & Wellness, is located in Baton Rouge, LA.

The Healing Sole combines a variety of pain-fighting features into one flip flop: a rocker bottom sole, gently-raised arch support, and a combination compressible/non-compressible heel. These features work together to offload stress from the foot, relieve pain, and promote overall foot health.

The best part? All you have to do is slip on The Healing Sole and walk.

No surgeries, no injections, and no expensive visits to the doctor.


Why Are People Choosing The Healing Sole Over Traditional Treatment?

Over the years of treating patients for plantar fasciitis and other forms of foot pain, Dr. Warner developed The Healing Sole to provide an effective, and less expensive, alternative to costly and invasive treatments.

The Healing Sole is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine. With just a few hours of wear in the morning and evening, The Healing Sole flip flops work to engage the muscles of the feet to relieve tension and provide lasting relief from pain.


How Can You Live With Sole?

Simply slip on The Healing Sole and go! It’s that easy, and it’s risk-free, too.

Order your pair from our website and break them in over seven to fourteen days so that the flip flops have adequate time to adjust to your individual foot type and walking pattern. Once broken in, you can increase your wear time from a few hours of wear to even wearing them all day.

The Healing Sole has an 80% success rate in clinical trials at providing wearers with relief – but if they don’t work for you, return them with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a refund.

If you are ready to join thousands of others who Live With Sole, choose The Healing Sole for your relief today.


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