Why You Should Stretch Your Feet Every Day
Posted on Feb 10, 2022

Stretching your feet every day can help you prevent injuries! The muscles in your feet are hard workers. They experience a lot of stress during the day. Take some time to give them a stretch in the morning and at night similar to how you do pre- and post-workout stretches before exercising. It’s the same idea.

Why You Need To Stretch Your Feet

When you do not have a stretching routine for your feet, they can become inflexible and more prone to injury. Foot pain like plantar fasciitis can be made less painful by stretching the plantar fascia before getting out of bed and going about your day! This is a classic recommendation by physicians for those with heel pain. In fact, many doctors even recommend devices that maintain a stretch on the foot and calf during the night!

Exercises To Stretch Your Feet

Ball Rolling

Place a ball, foam roller, water bottle, or any other cylindrical or spherical object under your foot. You will then roll this object back and forth under your foot while putting a little bit of pressure onto the object.

Do this to both of your feet a few times! A progression of this type of self-massage is as follows: begin with a tennis ball, advance to a lacrosse ball and then for those who can do it, a golf ball. Each progression puts more force in a smaller area and the massage becomes deeper.

Towel or Resistance Band Stretch

Grab a towel or resistance band and place it under your foot while you are sitting down. Hold the towel or band with both hands and pull back gently to stretch your foot.

This works best if the knee is straight and the resistance device is placed under the ball of the foot. Hold for 5-10 seconds and switch feet.

Toe Grab

While sitting cross one leg over the other such that the outside ankle bone of the crossed leg is placed on the other knee. Grab your big toe and gently pull it back towards you to stretch your plantar fascia.

Hold for about 10 secs. While holding you can also massage your plantar fascia!

Stretch And Walk With The Healing Sole

Dr. Meredith Warner designed The Healing Sole flip flops with several treatment techniques built right into the footbed design! Our patented footbed design was created to stretch and strengthen the foot while you go about your day.

Dr. Warner tells her personal patients that strong feet work better and hurt less. It is important to remember the ‘core strength’ of the feel. She kept this in mind when designing The Healing Sole. Wear them for a few hours in the morning and at night to prepare your feet for the day and to allow them to rest and relax after a long day on your feet!