Why You Should Take Our 7 In One Immunity Booster
Posted on Jul 10, 2021


Years ago, I noticed a problem in the supplement industry. Many companies were advertising single-vitamin supplements as “immunity boosters,” even though this isn’t the best way to ensure a well-rounded boost to immune health.

Certain vitamins absorb better when combined with others. This makes a well-rounded, carefully selected blend of vitamins and minerals essential for an optimal dose. This applies to all multivitamins - not just ones geared towards improving immune health.

With this in mind, I set out to create well-rounded supplements that contain the right amounts of vitamins, with the right ratios between dosings, for optimal absorption.

Today, I’m going to talk about my new 7-in-1 Herbal Immunity Defense Multi:


I set out to create the foremost 7 in 1 immunity support supplement. My Herbal Immunity Defense multi combines the immune-boosting benefits of vitamins Organic Elderberry, Echinacea, garlic, quercetin, olive leaf extract, Schisandra, and pine bark extract.

This powerful formulation is designed to be taken daily during the times of year when we are most prone to illness - so you can help to protect yourself naturally against illness while enhancing your overall immune health + function, improving heart health, and respiratory health.

This supplement is designed to deliver better overall immune health in 4 key ways:

Immune Defense:

Formulated with powerful, natural ingredients to strengthen your immune system from the inside out, providing you with a shield against viruses and infection. Our human immune system developed alongside pathogens such as viruses and we have innate defenses built in; these are often simply poorly functioning due to stress and diet.

Our Herbal Immunity Multi is designed to support our already present immune defenses.

Inflammation Support:

Inflammation is a necessary part of the immune defense system we have. However, too often the inflammation is too much for too long. Too many damaging cytokines are produced and these start to attack our own cells.

The proper balance of good and bad inflammation is needed. This multi is formulated to assist us with that.

Oxidative Stress Reduction:

The Herbal Immunity Multi’s ingredients has antioxidant abilities that allow for the detoxification of reactive oxygen species for pain relief, increased energy, and infection defense. Oxidative stress is a byproduct of fighting inflammation; we need antioxidants to clean up the excessive ROS that is made when fighting illnesses.

This supports the optimal performance of the immune cells themselves.


Organic Elderberry

Elderberry works internally to increase the strength of your immune system to better fight off sickness, all while providing you with necessary antioxidants and inflammation relief. Elderberry has a long and well-known history of assisting immunity during flu and cold seasons.


Echinacea purpurea is a widely cultivated plant used by many to prevent and treat infectious diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tracts. The alkamides in the plant are thought to contribute to the protection of the immune system. There are polysaccharides that assist in the anti-inflammatory effects.


Garlic powder not only helps immune function but also effectively lowers cholesterol levels and balances blood sugar levels. This helps to protect the body from stroke, heart disease, and even various forms of cancer. Garlic has allicin as a compound and this breaks down into various sulfur-containing compounds that produce medicinal effects. These compounds help the function of the white blood cells while they fight off pathogens. People that take garlic get colds and cases of flu less often and if they catch a cold or the flu, it does not last as long.


Quercetin, found in nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, is a flavonoid that fights inflammation, blood pressure imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, and more and stimulates your own immune system by decreasing damaging cytokines and enhancing the function of pathogen fighting cytokines. Quercetin is known to help positively modulate the immune function with allergies and when dealing with pathogens. This molecule is abundant in onions, but we have added it to Herbal Immunity as well.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract lowers bad cholesterol levels and decreases blood pressure. This is effective in reducing inflammation, promoting heart health, and warding off disease. Olive Leaf Extract has been the symbol of heavenly power in ancient Egypt and was often used medicinally, even during mummification. This herbal remedy is used to treat conditions like the common cold and influenza. Oleuropein, found in the leaf extract, is known to help with disease-fighting. Other phytochemicals in this leaf have demonstrated strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties; they interfere with pathogens’ ability to replicate during invasions of our bodies.


The fruit of the Schisandra plant is an effective adaptogen that helps the body to fight stress and illness and to increase energy levels. Often referred to as the ‘five-flavored berry’ due to the complex taste of the fruits, it has long been used to prevent early aging and to increase lifespan. Schisandra chinensis upregulates certain cytokines that assist the human immune system with fighting off illness. Adaptogens help to normalize or balance our physiology in all systems. Adaptogens help the immune system by balancing the good and bad inflammation during the stressful situation of illness exposure.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract (Pinus pinaster) is antioxidant-rich and works within the body to strengthen the immune system, blocking oxidative damage, viruses, inflammation, and even cognitive issues. This extract has been used historically to prevent scurvy due to high levels of Vitamin C; this vitamin is crucial to proper immune function. There are a number of phenolic compounds that help us due to anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and immune-boosting functionalities. Large amounts of reactive oxygen species are produced during illness and inflammation, the compounds of this extract help to neutralize them before self-damage happens.


Dr. Warner has formulated this supplement to help you protect against daily attacks to your immune system.

From strengthened immunity to lower inflammation levels, your body may experience relief from pain, illness, and fatigue - from the inside out and from head to toe.