Working Through Muscle Pain
Posted on Apr 05, 2021

Your muscles are what give your body movement, but this is far from easy when you are experiencing muscle pain.

Let’s dive deeper into your muscle makeup, the mechanics of your body, and how you can promote healthy, pain-free muscles.


This may seem elementary, but it’s one of the best places to start when addressing pain.

Muscle, by definition, is the tissue that powers the body. This tissue is composed of layers of cells and fibers encased in protective tissue. 

Muscles can contract and create the force needed to propel the body or interact within your body for various functions, including pumping blood throughout your system.

There are three types of muscle:

  1. Cardiac Muscle
  2. Skeletal Muscle
  3. And Smooth Muscle

Cardiac muscle, as its name would entail, is the tissue of the heart.

Skeletal muscle refers to your outermost layer of muscle that moves the body.

Your smooth muscle lines your bowels and arteries.

When you think of muscle, you generally think of skeletal muscle, of course.  

Whether large or small, each muscle in your body plays an important role.

Your brain electronically and chemically sends signals through your nerves to the muscles, triggering movement and function.  

Here are two examples -

  1. A tiny muscle called the multifidus is responsible for a lot of lower back pain.
  2. A large muscle called the diaphragm is responsible for every single breath you take.  


There are many possible causes of muscle pain, and this can make it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of your individual experience.

Muscle pain, also called myalgia, can be brought on by infection, injury, or even another underlying health problem.

Injury is considered a common cause of muscle pain.

‘Injury’ is a catch-all term for changes in structure not brought on by a disease such as cancer.

It is generalized and is not meant to imply that all pain can be blamed on something. That is not true and not how life really works.  

Over-exercising can lead to tightness, tension, and strain in your muscles.

You can also develop microtears in your muscles that can further damage or weaken their integrity.

Note that exercising a normal amount of time and with a normal amount of intensity can do the same damage if you begin in a deconditioned state.

In addition to injury, other diseases or autoimmune disorders can cause muscle pain.

This includes Lupus, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and inflammation.

A very common source of muscle pain that is often undertreated is fibromyalgia.

This is also sometimes called myositis.  

Again, determining the exact reason for your muscle pain can be difficult, but a medical professional can help you to identify the problem.

If your muscle pain is interfering with your movement and overall quality of life, contact a doctor to help you find the most efficient solution to your issue!


The Healing Sole and Well Theory give you easy ways to work through your muscle pain.

Our products were invented and formulated by Dr. Meredith Warner, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and veteran of the United States Air Force.

Dr. Warner values the body’s natural capability to heal, and she knows that recovery is possible without chemical or invasive measures.

She invented The Healing Sole as a solution to foot pain.

The Healing Sole offers relief to muscle pain and inflamed tissues by gently stretching out tension, supporting the foot, and protecting it from impact with each step. 

It does so with a purposeful combination of features:

  • A rocker bottom sole
  • Raised arch support
  • Compressible inner heel
  • And metatarsal bar 

Our 7-14 day break-in period is essential.

Start off slowly with our footwear, as it can feel new and engage muscles that you aren’t used to activating.

Over a few weeks, your pain and muscle soreness will melt away, allowing you to walk and exercise each day without the burden of pain.

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