10 Relaxation Tips for a Better Night of Sleep
Posted on Apr 11, 2017
A public health epidemic is sweeping the nation, and it’s not the Black Plague or Ebola: it's sleeping deprivation. Many people skimp on sleep to make more time for work and play while not realizing the dangerous effects this has on the body. According to the CDC, individuals who suffer from sleep deprivation are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses such as obesity, depression and even cancer. According to research done by The Sleep Matters Club, 22% of people sleep poorly most nights, 47% of individuals say stress or worry keeps them awake at night, and 49% of people have never taken steps to help them sleep. Fortunately, the fine people of The Sleep Matters Club came up with a few good ways to improve your quality of sleep. Most of us, (if not all) are guilty of a few of the items listed in this infographic. It seems moderation and relaxation are key when trying to change your sleeping habits. So instead of tackling all of these techniques at once, make one change per week. Start with the practice that seems easiest for you to combat, slowly working your way to the hardest. Hopefully, you’ll be dozing off soundly in no time.