5 Awesome Tech Gifts for Runners
Posted on Dec 21, 2017

Not sure what to gift your favorite runner this year or are you a runner trying to pass on hints of what you want for the holidays? Check out our list of 5 awesome tech gifts that any runner would love to get.


Bluetooth Headphones

An essential for most runners is music. Any runner will tell you that you can’t use just any kind of headphones when out on a run. They need to not interfere with the movement of your body, be lightweight, and, of course, have great sound quality. Bluetooth headphones that are either neckband wired or completely wireless are top pick right now in the running world.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch

Smartwatches have become increasing popular within the last few years in the running world once they started introducing heartrate monitoring. The Garmin Forerunner 235 watch is a great gift for runners because it can track distance, time, and heart rate all from the wrist. It is even customizable, so each user can set up their watch based on their training focus.

FlipBeIt Running Belt

Runners have a hard time carrying their belongings with them while on their run. The FlipBeIt running belt allows runners to carry their smartphones, keys, IDs, and money without being too bulky. The belt is designed to fit around the waist without riding up during the run.

FlipBeIt Million Mile Light

Does your runner like running early in the morning or in the late evening when the sun’s rays aren’t beating down on them? In low visibility, the FlipBeIt Million Mile Light makes you visible by lighting up battery-free, powered by the motion of your running. Runners never have to worry if their light is charged for their next run because they are the battery that powers the Million Mile Light.

Lock Laces

Lock Laces replace normal shoelaces with an elastic cord lace that has a double-eyelet lock. It can turn any shoe into a slip-on while still maintaining a comfortable tension that keeps your shoe in place for the run. Runners can simply slip on their shoes and go.