The 5 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2018
Posted on May 22, 2018
Whether you are just beginning your workout journey or you need some new motivation, there are health and fitness apps to help you achieve your goals. Keeping to a workout or health goal can be hard without the right motivation or goal tracking. Apps have made it easier to track and maintain a workout and health routine. Here are 5 of the best health and fitness apps you should use in 2018.


Strava can help you track your running, cycling, and swimming with GPS. It offers an easy analysis of your training by comparing stats from different workout sessions to help you understand how your performance has improved. You can connect your phone, GPS watch, and heart rate monitor to Strava for better performance measuring. Strava connects you with other passionate athletes so that you can connect and compete.


Select your fitness target, enter your weight and body fat, and get a personalized fitness and health plan targeted just for you. There are plans for beginners with little exercise experience all the way to advanced fitness experts. You can log extra activities not included in your workout routine from Bikram yoga to Pokémon training. With a pro plan, 8fit will help you customize the perfect meal plan without any crazy fad diet trends.


Are you having a hard time getting into exercising because you think it’s boring? Well CARROT Fit is your solution with a hilarious, smug, and sarcastic motivational AI. Say goodbye to boring exercise names and say hello to fun names like “Dragon Mating Dances.” CARROT Fit takes you through a grueling 7-minute workout guaranteed to make you cry in pain and laughter.


The Calm app helps users find relaxation through meditation, breathing exercises, soothing sounds, and sleep stories. Improve your mental health and sleep better at night. With an almost 5 star rating in both the Apple and Google Play Store, many people have benefited from and recommend using Calm.


Fitocracy gamifies your fitness. Level up, gain achievements and encourage yourself to stay fit. Complete workouts in the app to reach new milestones to keep yourself motivated. It is also a social network with your fitness friends. You can see what activities your friends have done and share your favorite routines.