5 Running Tips For Beginners to Make Running Easier
Posted on Mar 08, 2018
Beginning a running workout routine can have its difficulties. Inexperienced runners often overexert themselves and fall out of the routine quickly. Here are 5 running tips that will make running easier for beginners.

Warm Up

At the beginning of each run, you should warm up your muscles with a 5-minute walk. This will give your muscles a better chance of avoiding tightness and cramping during your run. All other stretches should be held off for your cool down after your run is completed.

Work on Your Technique

By working on your technical skills, a beginner can easily reduce unnecessary strain and energy loss during a running session. Many runners, in the beginning, will take powerful long strides in an effort to move further each step. However, by taking small shoulder length strides, your body will exert less energy each step making your run longer and easier.

Short intervals

As a beginner, your body isn’t acclimated to hard long-distance runs. You will need to build up your body’s endurance through interval running. Alternate between 2-minute cycles of jogging and walking. Gradually increase your running intervals by one minute each time you work out.

Let Yourself Recover

When first starting your running workout routine, you may want to go out every day, but that might not be such a good idea. After your first run, your body is going to be tired after the new strain on your bones, muscles, and heart. You should take a rest day to allow your body to recover after its first run. Keep this on one day off one day schedule to reduce overuse injuries.

Make it a Habit

For a lot of beginner runners finding the right motivation to keep up a running routine can be hard. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to keep a running log. There are great running apps out there built to do just that. Some will even remind you when you haven’t run in a while.