6 Summer Activities That Can Help Get You Healthy
Posted on Apr 15, 2016
Ah, summer! A time to breathe easier, enjoy the sunshine and get out into the great outdoors. Summer weather makes it easier to exercise outdoors. This boosts your activity level and helps fuel fitness results. Here are some of the top (and most fun) summer activities that can help you to get healthy out in the summer sun:

1. Break Out Your Bike

It’s much harder (and much less pleasant) to bicycle when the weather isn’t very good, so take advantage of the summer conditions and bring your bicycle out of storage. Bicycling is an excellent low impact workout activity, and it allows you to take in the sights of your neighborhood or city. Why not make it social? Biking is also a great activity to do with family or friends.

2. Play Some Frisbee

Tossing around a Frisbee in a park on a warm summer day is the epitome of laid-back summer fun. Throwing, running, diving and ducking can be great exercise. If you can’t find a human partner, your dog would likely be more than happy to play.

3. Wash Your Car By Hand

The balmy weather of summer offers the ideal time for washing your car. You’ll save money and burn calories, too. So give it your best effort and make that car really shine! The harder you scrub and buff, the better your car will look – and the more calories you’ll burn.

4. Do Some Gardening or Yard Work

You’ve wanted to plant a garden and spruce up your lawn anyway – and you can add “better fitness” to the list of reasons to do it. Working on your garden or lawn isn’t just good for the soul – it’s also more strenuous than you might realize. Lawn or garden work counts toward your daily calorie burn, so make the time to get out there often.

5. Hit the Links

The seemingly low-key sport of golf actually burns a respectable number of calories – especially if you skip the cart and walk from hole to hole. Even just nine holes on a par 3 course can allow you to get around an hour of walking in, not to mention some good upper body work. Not interested in regular golf? A trip through the mini-golf course can allow you to get moving and burn some calories, and it’s a fun summer activity for the whole family.

6. Get In (or On) the Water

Water activities are a favorite summer activity, and you can burn loads of calories while having fun in the sun. Swimming, water polo or volleyball, aqua-aerobics, water skiing and surfing are just a few of your aquatic options. Want to try something different? Stand-up paddle boarding (or “SUP”) is an extremely popular surfing alternative that can be done on just about any body of water. It’s an excellent full body workout, and you’ll also build core strength, coordination and better balance. The summer season is ripe with opportunities for exercising and staying fit. These activities are just a sampling of what’s possible – so get on out into the summer sun and make the most of it!

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