7 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet
Posted on Apr 14, 2016

When it comes to dieting you always want to succeed, but temptation seems to lurk around every corner. Cutting calories can assist with getting to your ideal weight and feeling healthier, but some people find it difficult to stick with a diet until their goal is reached. Fortunately, there is help; try out these six to help you stick to your diet:


1. Stick to Your Diet with a Food Journal

One of the best ways to stay accountable for your food-related actions throughout the day is to keep a food journal. First, determine the number of calories you wish to eat each day. (Don’t make that number too low; cut a sensible amount of calories daily to lose the weight gradually.) Treat this allotted number of calories like a bank account and strive not to “overdraw” on the account.

2. Arm Yourself with Healthy Snacks

In some cases, cravings will require more than just water to help them dissipate. Your best defense is to prepare yourself ahead of time so that you don’t “cheat” with unhealthy options. Go for small amounts of satisfying protein-rich options like nuts, yogurt or string cheese. Fiber rich foods like sliced apples or veggies with hummus dip are also satisfying between-meal snack options.

3. Cut the Carbs

One of the most effective diet plans is fairly straightforward: just reduce your intake of carbs, sugar and starches. Find satisfying substitutes by using cauliflower where you used to use potatoes and stevia instead of sugar. Most people find that when they cut carbohydrates, the pounds start to melt away naturally.

4. Try Hara Hachi Bu

Problems with weight are quite rare in the Japanese culture, and it is in part because of practices like Hara Hachi Bu. Hara Hachi Bu refers to eating only until you feel around 80 percent full, and then stopping. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for the stomach to “feel” food in it, so feeling 80 percent full equates to a full stomach for most people. After a couple weeks of practicing Hara Hachi Bu it will feel much more natural, and it will help with sticking to your diet.

5. Stay Hydrated

In many cases, what feels like hunger pangs is actually the body signaling that you are thirsty. When a craving hits, try reaching for water first. Drink at least a half glass or more. Very often, a satisfied feeling will arise in the stomach and the craving will subside.

6. Don’t “Diet”

The best way not to fail at a diet is not to go on one! Instead, make a healthy lifestyle change that you plan to maintain and continue for a lifetime. Sure, you can build in occasional treats and cheat days (within reason). However, committing to an ongoing way of eating that favors healthy choices can be the key to getting to and maintaining your ideal weight for a lifetime.

7. Set Realistic, Measurable Goals

The most important thing you can do when attempting to change your routine and improve your health is to set realistic and measurable goals.  When deciding to diet, set a realistic goal.  When setting your goal, make sure it's something you can track and measure.  Instead of "I'd like to lose some weight by winter," set a goal like "I'd like to lose 4 pounds in the next 90 days."  Starting off with a realistic and measurable goal will help you notice real results and keep you on track as you move forward.  As you progress, you can change up your goals based on your current performance. The best diets favor lots of vegetables, moderate amounts of lean protein, fruit and healthy fats. Whether you’ve adopted healthy eating as a weight loss plan or a lifestyle change, these six diet tips can help.