Five Best Pain Relief Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis
Posted on May 02, 2017
Dealing with the worst of plantar fasciitis pain? No worries. We’ve racked up a list of the five best pain relief treatments you can try in your home. Each of these methods is simple, easy, and incredibly effective.


Plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament running along the bottom of the foot. The condition is common among runners, who regularly deal with tight muscles. The best way to handle tight muscles and inflammation is stretching. When your plantar fasciitis pain is flaring up try some stretches. Check out our post on plantar fasciitis stretching.

Frozen Water Bottle

This treatment can provide a cool, soothing relief after just a few minutes. Pop a water bottle into the fridge, and pull it out once it’s frozen. Have a seat, and place the water bottle under your foot. Roll the arch of your foot for about ten minutes. After a few moments, you can repeat the treatment if necessary.

Golf Ball

Need a good massage? Freeze a golf ball and roll the ball under your foot. Start from the front of your foot, and slowly work your way back. Put pressure on every major area of the foot for about 15 seconds before you move one. Finish up by rolling the ball back and forth over the entire foot.

Foam Roll All Muscles

Foam rollers can help properly align your body! Tightness in your body can lead to plantar fasciitis. Foam roll all muscles above the plantar fasciitis for relief and preventative care.

The Healing Sole

Most treatments are excellent early on, but very few of them provide long-term pain relief. The Healing Sole creates an environment for long-term recovery. It was designed and developed by Meredith Warner, MD.,  an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Warner noticed a gap in treatment and wanted to create a flip-flop packed with six powerful features that work synergistically to heal the foot. The Healing Sole gently stretches the plantar fascia at the beginning of each step. As your foot pushes off, the rocker bottom sole sways to reduce tension. When your foot meets the ground again, the compressible heel and raised arch absorb the weight of the body. Soft neoprene straps help to hold your foot in place as you move. We equipped the latest version of The Healing Sole with a durable outsole. Now our flip-flops last even longer and can support extended outdoor wear! For more information click below.