From the Sole - Haggai's Story
Posted on Dec 12, 2016
Haggai Davis II is like any other weekend athlete, however he has one tool in his arsenal that helps him stay in the game. Every weekend Haggai plays tennis, basketball and plenty of other active sports. Suddenly, Haggai started to feel pain in his feet that started to affect his ability to play. After a visit to his General Practitioner he was advised to stay off his feet for six to eight weeks, and avoid any high-intensity activities. According to her, that was the only way he could recover and be pain-free again. This wasn’t a realistic treatment for Haggai, who loves his busy and active lifestyle. Fortunately, a gift from his wife changed everything. She gave him the gift of pain relief and bought him The Healing Sole. Watch our interview with Haggai above to hear exactly how The Healing Sole changed his life and got him back on the court!