Healing Your Heel Pain After a Long Day At Work
Posted on Jun 28, 2016

After a long exhausting day at work your feet are burnt out! Standing and moving on your feet all day can put stress on your legs and feet that can lead to excruciating pain.

For many, the majority of your pain comes from your heels. Healing your heel pain is really important to your feeling recharged for your next work day. Additionally, throughout the day we can neglect taking care of our feet, or just not have enough time to tend to them. There are a few things you can do to relax your feet whenever you get home.

We have a few tips that you can implement to rest your feet and prevent future foot pain:


Practice some dynamic stretching for a few minutes once you make it home. Kick off those boots or shoes, then move your feet around to stretch them out. Switch between flexing your feet out and point your toes. Lean your body against a table or wall! Place one foot further back than the other as you do so. This motion will stretch both the heel and ankle. Check out this video for great way to stretch your feet.


A good massage can make a huge difference with your feet. When done correctly you can soothe tight and sore muscles in the feet quickly.

Massage your feet slowly with a golf or tennis ball for quick relief. Place the ball on the floor and roll one of your feet over it. Press into the ball as hard as you can without causing pain. This massage is great for sore arches.

Heat and Ice

You can use both heat and ice to soothe your feet. Both methods have benefits that can help with circulation, inflammation and pain. If your feet are swollen try lifting them up and resting an ice pack on them.

This will help with swelling and tightness in the feet. If your muscles are sore from being on your feet all day soak them in hot water. Throw in some Epsom salt for added relief.

 Nighttime Prep

Before you go to bed you can do a little bit of extra work to avoid pain the next day. Rub some menthol gel on your feet before bed. This can help your feet if they still ache and provide soothing qualities throughout the night.

Put socks on after you’ve applied the gel. The cooling effect of the gel can ease your foot quickly.

Support Throughout the Day

To stop pain before you experience it choose smart footwear. Wear shoes that have good arch support that fit properly. Also try not to spend too much time in the shoes you work in once you get home.

Allowing your feet to rest is important for foot health. Slide into a pair of the Healing Sole to give you feet the support they need for healing your heel pain! The Healing Sole has the arch support, stability and comfort you need to relax your feet at the end of your work day.