The Healing Sole Helps the LSU Gymnastics Team Recover Feet After Strenuous Workouts
Posted on Mar 04, 2016
We are a growing company, and as such we are always looking for new opportunities to spread the word about The Healing Sole and looking for new ways to help people recover foot function faster.  A few months ago, we got in contact with the LSU Gymnastics Team and their coach, D-D Breaux, about helping their team recover after practice and gymnastics meets. We brought our team to meet with LSU Gymnastics and had the opportunity to personally fit each member of the team (7 of them, at least) for their own pair of The Healing Sole!  Since then, each member of the LSU Gymnastics team has been using The Healing Sole to recover their feet and muscles after practices and after meets.

How The Healing Sole Helps Athletes

We all put a lot of pressure and stress on our feet simply going about our daily activities, but athletes often take that normal everyday stress to extremes.  By nature, sports like football, soccer or running put a lot of stress on your feet, which makes it even more important to give your feet a chance to rest and recover after periods of strenous activity. Gymnastics is extremely strenous for the human body, on both the legs and feet.  Gymnists are at it year round, training and competing in events that almost always involve the use of their feet.  Whether they're doing floor exercises, or landing full force after a vault event, gymnists put their feet through a lot. When we came in constact with LSU Gymnastics, we found it to be the perfect opportuntiy to put The Healing Sole to the test under extreme conditions.  Because of it's unique design, The Healing Sole provides atheletes with a method of recovery that can't be found in any other product.  The features of The Healing Sole include:
  • Rocker Bottom Sole - Provides good tissue rest and support
  • Low Arch - Provides the right amount of arch support without irritating the athletes foot
  • Structural Construction - High quality material provides needed support, without being too flexible, and allows for normal motion while walking.
  • Compressible Heel - A compressible section at the site of the plantar fascia insertion where the condition hurts the worst, encouraging recovery and relief.

Dr. Meredith Warner Discussing Plantar Fasciitis in Athletes Thus far, the response from LSU's Gymnastics team has been overwhelmingly positive and we're looking forward to helping these athletes compete at their best, while giving them the opportunity to help their feet recover after competing.

Are you an athlete dealing with Plantar Fasciitis?  The Healing Sole was designed to help you recover!