How to Choose the Best Shoe
Posted on Mar 28, 2017
When your shoes fit well, your whole day improves. It's important to get the right shoe size that will fit your feet perfectly. Spending a little time now to ensure a proper shoe fit will pay off for a long time to come.  These tips will help:
  1. Try on shoes in the late afternoon. Your feet swell as the day goes on.  If you try on shoes early in the day, they will be too tight later.
  2. Always wear the same kind of socks or tights that you plan to wear with your new shoes. If for example, you plan to wear a pair of shoes with heavy hiking socks, and you try them on with thin socks or with the pads supplied at the shoe store, the shoes will be too tight when you wear them.
  3. Always look for a good fit at the store.  If you buy shoes hoping they will stretch out later, that may never happen.
  4. When trying on shoes, walk around the store for a while to make sure the shoes are comfortable when you are in motion.
  5. If your feet are different sizes, buy shoes that fit your larger foot.
  6. You should always leave some room for your toes.  When trying on shoes, pinch down the toe-end of the shoe with your thumb. You should feel some space there.
  7. When you find a shoe that fits well, look for other shoes made by the same manufacturer the next time you are shoe shopping.
  8. If you buy shoes online, find a seller that allows free returns in case the shoes don't fit. Also, read reviews to see if most people think the shoes run true to size or are smaller or larger than expected.
  9. Some manufacturers make shoes using several distinct patterns called "lasts."  Different lasts may be more narrow or wide in the heel, and tighter or looser in the toe box.  You will most commonly find this kind of multiple last systems with running shoes.  If you own any shoes made with a particular last, you can be confident in getting a good fit if you buy other shoes from the same manufacturer that makes with the same last.
  10. You can adjust running shoes and other tie-up shoes by changing the way you lace them if they fit in the toe box but are too loose in the heel.  To do this, take the lace as it comes out of the second-to-top hole and, instead of crossing it over to the other side, bring it down through the top hole on the same side.  This will create a small loop.  Do the same thing with the lace on the other side. Then take the laces on each side and thread them through the loops on the other side.

When your feet feel good, you will feel good all over.  Getting the right size shoes is an easy way to improve your overall sense of well-being.

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