How Long Do The Healing Sole Flip Flops Last?
Posted on Jan 04, 2018

How long will The Healing Sole flip flops last? When should you replace The Healing Sole? Find out how long our flip flops last with normal or heavy use and what you should do when your flip flops have worn out.

One of the essential factors in purchasing a new shoe or flip flop is durability. Within our industry, customers, and competitors alike are more than aware of the costs involved. Some customers in the past have mentioned the price of the flip flop to us. We listened and lowered it. However, when you're paying $70-100 for a shoe or flip flop, you need a guarantee that you won't be looking for another pair the next week or so.

While no shoe or flip flop is impervious to the daily wear-and-tear we go through, a lot of customers have questions about The Healing Sole flip flops that we believe to be very important! The Healing Sole flip flops were engineered with a specific foam at a particular density. Point being, the longevity of the flip flops is determined by the frequency in which they are used. Using the flip flops every day, all day will wear them down a lot quicker than using them more sparingly. There are also other types of factors involved in this, such as height and weight. This kind of degradation isn't a surprise either, as most manufacturers of running shoes recommend you replace them about every three months.

You can't put a price on getting rid of pain, but you can make sure you do have a product that is built to last. The Healing Sole was designed to alleviate foot and heel pain without causing you to break the bank.

To learn more about the durability of the flip flops, along with the factors affecting how long they last, watch the video below starring the flip flop's inventor: Dr. Meredith Warner. And, if you'd like to buy a pair or learn more, click here.