The Benefits of Rosehip Oil
Posted on Dec 30, 2020

Rosehip oil often fades into the background in crowded makeup or pharmacy aisles. Oils like jojoba, argan, coconut oil and others are more well-known for their skin-healing or clarifying properties, but don’t count rosehip oil out simply because it is rarer.

It’s a great, versatile option for skincare – especially during these colder, dryer months.


First, rosehip oil is naturally moisturizing and has powerful anti-aging properties.

It has a high level of Vitamin C, which gives the oil a concentrated anti-aging effect.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can protect + repair UV damage while assisting in reducing wrinkles.

Basically, the concentrated levels of Vitamin C in rosehips provide a good scavenging platform to remove damaging free radicals from your skin.

Rosehip oil is also rich in carotenoids, which, similar to Vitamin A, are involved in regulating skin turnover – which can lead to a more even and brighter complexion. Rosehip oil has a lot of Vitamin A, therefore it is basically a natural retinoid.

Retinoids such as all-trans retinoic acid also assist in brightening skin appearance. It lightens pigments within the skin and also speeds up skin cell turnover and maturation, which gives you a fresher, more youthful appearance.


Rosehip oil can be directly applied to the face, chest, shoulders, etc. – anywhere you could use an anti-aging lift. It’s a light oil, but goes a long way, so start with a drop or two and go from there.

You can either use three or more drops warmed in the palm of your hand alone, or add a drop or two to your regular moisturizer.

This oil is antifungal and antibacterial, so don’t worry too much about it clogging your pores and causing a breakout.

In fact, the same retinoids that produce high skin turnover are similar to Retin-A, which reduces the likelihood of buildup forming in your pores.

The anti-inflammatory effects of rosehip oil can also calm inflammation-related cysts and acne as well.


Rosehip oil (or as it’s sometimes labelled, Rosehip Seed Oil) has a high concentration of oleic, linoleic, alpha-linolenic acids alongside carotenoids and tocopherol.

These compounds make rosehip oil naturally anti-inflammatory and can assist in reducing oxidative stress.

It has also been shown in a 2019 study to help reduce the appearance of scarring. It does so by stimulating macrophages to shift out of a chronic inflammation mode and promoting good healing, as opposed to a state that results in poor healing and more pronounced scar formation.

It has also been used effectively to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Rosehip oil is one of many natural, plant-based remedies that you can use to improve your overall well-being.

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