The History of PEA
Posted on Feb 25, 2021

Palmitoylethanolamide is a natural therapeutic substance with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that has been in use since at least 1960.

There have a been many clinical trials since then that show the immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory properties of this natural food component.

We utilize the natural power of PEA in our essential multi to harness its abilities.

PEA is being used worldwide for its ability to help with inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory conditions of the Central Nervous System, and autoimmune disorders.

PEA is also known to have beneficial effects against respiratory infections and is a natural painkiller.

PEA acts on many different receptors in the human body, but especially the PPARs.


Around 1939, the power of PEA was described.

PEA derived from egg yolks was able to reduce the recurrence of rheumatic fever in underprivileged children. The initial studies simply had these children, susceptible to Group A strep disease, eat egg yolks each day.

Only later was the actual compound of PEA discovered (Kuehl, 1957).

Extensive scientific work eventually showed that the anti-inflammatory compound was part of the lipid fraction of the egg and not the protein fraction.

By the mid-1960s, the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of this natural compound were well known in the scientific world.

PEA demonstrated the ability to reduce the intensity of inflammatory and immunological problems.

In Europe, PEA has been branded and used to treat Influenzas and the common cold.

A series of double-blind and placebo-controlled trials have proven the efficacy of this natural substance for use.

There was even a reduction in the number of patients that developed acute respiratory diseases from viral infections.

These studies also showed that even with very high dosing, PEA had no side effects.


One mechanism of action of PEA that allows for the beneficial immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects is on the mast cells of our inflammatory system.

Mast cells are part of our natural immune system and are a big part of the non-neuronal source of nervous system inflammation.

PEA basically reduces mast cell migration and degranulation. This means that fewer mast cells are produced, and they release less inflammatory cytokines.

PEA induces a more gentle and less inflammatory state in our mast cells. This calms down inflammation and prevents the chronic inflammatory state.

PEA is one way to improve your wellness state and to help control aberrant inflammation.

Along, with proper diet, exercise, vitamin and nutrient supplementation, and good sleep - this supplement will assist you in achieving our goal of optimal aging and wellness.


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