The Importance of Arch Support
Posted on Jun 22, 2020

The arch of the foot provides essential structure to the foundation of the human body. The arches support the foot as you walk by absorbing pressure, protecting against impact, and stabilizing the body as you walk. They also provide for a tension band-based distribution of force to allow for movement itself.

In theory, walking on hard surfaces can affect the health of the arch and can even lead to its collapse; however, this is true only because most of us are not used to this and our feet are deconditioned. In many parts of the world, people live barefoot and often walk and run on hard surfaces (but not cement!).

You can protect the arch and prevent damage with appropriate arch support, reverse-arch shoe constructs, certain materials, and with strengthening and conditioning of the foot! But first, let’s look at how the height of your arch may play a role in the health of your foot and then learn a bit about arch development.


When purchasing footwear, you often hear the discussion of what to do if you have flat feet or high arches. Each side of the arch height spectrum has its own struggles, so finding the right arch support for your feet is important for your foot health and comfort. The definitions of a flat or high-arched foot make the basic assumption that there is a ‘normal’ foot; this is a controversial assumption.

Flat feet can develop during childhood as a result of improper formation of the arch. Bear in mind, most children start their lives with flat feet and eventually grow out of them.

If flat feet do not occur during childhood, it can be caused in later years by pregnancy, excess weight, foot trauma, and the general aging of the feet.

While flat feet may occur during early development or due to trauma from injury or impact, high arches may develop as a genetic trait.

Some studies have shown that physical activity and being barefoot often as a child helps to strengthen the developing arch. Childhood obesity and overweight conditions will often lead to a dysfunctional and flatter foot due to improper forces on the foot during development.  

High arches and flat feet can lead to other painful conditions including hammertoes, bunions and calluses, alignment issues, and pain during movement due to structural weakness and imbalance. That being said, any foot shape you have is likely normal for you; if you have pain or dysfunction, seek a professional evaluation.


Why might it be important that your footwear has supportive arches? If you are experiencing arch pain, cushion and comfort may be one of your first concerns. Arch support can provide you with just that – but more importantly, it can improve your overall way of walking. Sometimes the tendon that is the main stabilizer of the arch needs assistance and good arch support can provide this. Other times, simply a redistribution of weight about the foot is needed; arch supports offer this as well.

Shoes that have thoughtful design and enhanced materials in the arch can help to promote the health of your foot. This additional support may help to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, develop better balance, stabilize the foot and ankle, and distribute the overall pressure that your feet experience when standing or walking. As well as promoting foot health, added support can help to protect the connective tissue structures of your arch from collapsing.  


The Healing Sole is designed to provide you with support where you need it most. Our footwear was designed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Meredith Warner with moderately raised arch support as well as a rocker bottom sole, compressible inner heel, and non-compressible outer heel. As you walk, The Healing Sole protects your feet from impact, stretches the tense muscles of the feet and ankles, and gives you the perfect balance of support and cushion. The Healing Sole allows the biomechanical features of the foot itself to be used to naturally support one’s arch too.   

Our Everett sandal is designed with comfortable, crossover straps and an adjustable ankle strap for stability.

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