What Increases Your Risk for Foot Pain?
Posted on Sep 05, 2017
It’s easy not to think much about your feet until you start experiencing pain. Once your feet start to ache, you may be wondering what is causing all of this foot pain? Below we’ve mapped out a few things that may lead to sore, painful feet. Avoid the following if you want to stay pain-free!

High Heels

Most ladies love their high heels. These shoes may look great on your feet, but they’re most likely the cause of your foot pain. Bunions, corns, calluses and many other complex issues can be attributed to wearing high heels. When you wear high heels, you’re tightening and constricting the natural shape of your feet. By restricting your feet, you increase the pressure on a small area, instead of equally distributing your body weight. Wearing high heels every day is the most common cause of corns and calluses.

Improper Running Shoes

Finding the right running shoes isn’t as easy as you think! Most people choose the wrong shoes, and neglect to consider their body weight, foot type and running ability before they purchase. Wearing the wrong shoes can negatively impact foot structure and encourage foot deformities, like hammer toe, corns, and calluses. Before buying your next running, shoe talk with an expert. Find a store that specializes in running shoes to receive a full rundown on your foot’s mechanics so that you can make the best purchase.

Tight Shoes

A recent survey revealed that about fifty percent of women regularly buy shoes, even if they don’t fit right. It may be tempting to purchase a pair of shoes that look great but feel wrong, however, you may be doing some serious damage to your feet. Wearing the wrong size shoe puts you at risk for corns, bunions, and other deformities. When choosing shoes, make sure your feet don’t feel pinched or cramped. Never buy shoes that don’t fit correctly. The idea of breaking in shoes is a myth. A foot may push or stretch a shoe, but this can cause pain and damage over time.

The Healing Sole: Decrease Your Risk for Foot Pain

The Healing Sole creates an environment for recovery. The shoe is packed with six powerful features that work synergistically to heal the foot. The Healing Sole gently stretches the plantar fascia at the beginning of each step. As your foot pushes off, the rocker bottom sole sways to reduce tension. Once your foot meets the ground again, the compressible heel and raised arch absorb the weight of the body, reducing pressure at each pain point in the heel. Soft neoprene straps help to hold your foot in place as you move. The latest version of The Healing Sole is equipped with a durable outsole. Now our flip-flops last even longer and can support extended outdoor wear! For more information click here.