Recover From the Day With The Healing Sole
Posted on Jul 06, 2020

Long hours on your feet, whether standing at work, exercising, working in the kitchen, taking care of kids, or simply leading your normal busy lifestyle can lead to pain and sensitivity if you don’t allow your feet time to rest and recoup. Recovery is the key to natural healing. We’ve discussedways that you can help your feet to recover after a long day on your feet, but how can you take care of them on the go?

We’ve got a solution for you.


The Healing Sole was designed by Dr. Meredith Warner. Dr. Warner is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with many years of seeing patients at her private practice, Warner Orthopedics and Wellness. Dr. Warner has helped foot pain sufferers identify the root cause of their pain, ranging from plantar fasciitis to Morton’s neuroma to general muscle tension.

Dr. Warner developed The Healing Sole as a method of relief to help patients avoid costly surgical options. This footwear is designed for all-day recovery by combining multiple targeted treatments into one convenient flip flop or sandal.

Success Is In the Features

Tightness in the muscles of the feet and calves can make standing and walking painful. Our footwear features a rocker bottom sole, raised arch support, compressible inner heel, and non-compressible outer heel. These features reduce stress and pressure on the arch and heels while gently stretching out your tense muscles with every step:

  • Raised Arch Support reduces stress on your joints while supporting the structure of the foot.
  • A Compressible Inner Heel offloads stress at the point of insertion on the heel where pain is the most intense.
  • The Rocker Bottom Sole has a gentle curve that works with your individual gait pattern to reduce tension with every step.

The sole is firm to protect and support the foot while walking on hard, textured surfaces, and the combination heel provides necessary cushioning and comfort at the highest area of tension in the heel.

These features were all thoughtfully designed to work together in an additive manner to maximize the ability of the shoe to promote natural healing and relief.

We have several styles to choose from, and there’s even more to come! If you have questions about what style is best for you, our Style Guide can help.


We believe that our footwear will provide you with lasting relief, and we don’t want you to have doubts, either. That’s why we offer a generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee. With this guarantee, you have a full 30 days to try your pair of The Healing Sole and make sure it works for you.

The Healing Sole has a 7-14 day break-in period. What does this mean?

Give Them Time!

Our footwear is designed with a firm sole and purposefully-paired features that work together to relieve pain and promote foot health. For those who are not accustomed to the firm rocker-bottom soles, you may find that this takes some getting used to.

In the first two weeks of wear, allow The Healing Sole to mold to your foot shape.

As with other pairs of shoes that take some breaking in, you’ll find that any sensitivity will subside during this time and will give way to on-the-go relief.

If you should find that you don’t find relief during this period, don’t worry. We offer hassle-free returns that can be processed through our website. For more information regarding this process, read our full returns and exchange policy here.


We look forward to helping you find relief with The Healing Sole! If you are ready to kick foot pain to the curb, then order your pair today to step into recovery.

Have questions? We’ll help you find answers. Email us at, and our customer support team will be ready to assist.

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